Sonoma County Library adopts Quartex to enable local communities to discover archival content

22 January 2020

Sonoma County Library, known nationally for innovation and connection to its local communities, has signalled its intention to preserve collections and make them easier for the public to access with an announcement today that it will begin using Adam Matthew Digital’s Quartex platform.

With a well-established reputation for being an innovative and forward-thinking institution, Sonoma County Library aims to help connect library users to their local communities with Quartex, which will bring together both existing digital collections and new projects in one easy-to-use site. The first project to be published using Quartex is expected to be the library’s content on the Sonoma County wine industry, a project of vital importance both locally and nationally for people employed or interested in the area’s vineyards.


Although we have existing digital collections, these are fairly disparate and require a lot of effort from our patrons and guidance from our team to access the information. We will use Quartex to bring together our existing digital collections, and future publications, and make them much easier for users to explore and discover independently.

Vicki Terbovich, Information Technology Manager, Sonoma County Library.


Quartex has been designed with ease of use at its core - both in terms of adding content to the platform as well as for users navigating the system. Our team is excited to see how Sonoma, our first public library partner, uses the platform not only to preserve collections and make its knowledge accessible, but to do so for as many people as possible.

Khal Rudin, Managing Director, Adam Matthew Digital.


As the first public library to begin using Quartex, both AM Digital and Sonoma will work closely together over the coming months. The partnership will utilise the technology and innovation of the Quartex team, alongside the user experience and knowledge from the Sonoma team to ensure the platform is optimized for other public libraries to follow in Sonoma’s footsteps.


To find out more about this partnership, please contact Martin Drewe, Head of Customer Engagement at Adam Matthew Digital: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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