Adam Matthew Digital announces the newest addition to Research Source, Business, Economic and Labour History.

17 April 2020

Published product

Adam Matthew Digital is pleased to announce the publication of Business, Economic and Labour History, the latest addition to the Research Source suite.

The collection brings together a range of sources from Britain and America, from the 19th to 20th centuries, and includes personal journals and correspondence from contemporary economists, periodicals, and government files. It contains important sources covering subjects including Keynesian economic policy, international labour movements and the papers of a range of important economists. 

A key highlight is the complete run of the Stock Exchange Official Yearbook for 1875-1945, tracing the development of British, Commonwealth and world finance and industry from the Victorian era to the end of the Second World War. 


‚ÄúThe documents published within this collection cover such a broad subject spectrum, it makes it an essential resource for any researcher with an interest in political, labour, or economic history.  

The documents really do offer great insights into modern social history, including the economic and social impact of the Second World War on post-war Britain, and the effects of the major technological developments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.‚ÄĚ  

Matt Brand, Assistant Editor 


As well as bridging multiple disciplines, Business, Economic and Labour History benefits from full-text searchability across the vast majority of documents, making them accessible to researchers of all levels.

To find out more about Research Source‚Äôs Business, Economic and Labour History, or to arrange a free trial, please visit our website: