Adam Matthew Digital announces publication of Medical Services and Warfare, Module II: 1928-1949

23 June 2020

Published product

Adam Matthew Digital is pleased to announce the publication of Medical Services and Warfare: 1928-1949, the second and final module of this resource which looks at medical discovery and development from the during the Spanish Civil War, World War Two and beyond. 

This second module, drawn from 11 global archives including International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, GenevaKing’s College London, and U.S. National Library of Medicine, documents a range of developments which changed medicine and patient care from the post-war period to the mid-twentieth century, and demonstrates how medical advancements of necessity within a military context became available to civilians.

A notable highlight from this second module is The Alexander Fleming collection, tracing the ground-breaking discovery of penicillin. The papers now benefit from the application of Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology, making the content accessible to researchers at all levels. 

This second module also includes a continuation of the ‘Wounded in Action’ feature, and a number of contextual essays from Editorial Board members, with topics ranging from medical advancement in the Spanish Civil War, to burns treatments at East Grinstead Hospital, and the work of prominent psychiatrist Aubrey Lewis.

As we know now as well as ever, a crisis tends to speed up technological advances, and this resource shows how the requirements of modern warfare and the treatment of wounded soldiers brought about solutions which were later made available for civilian use. We include materials on the antibiotics age, beginning with the ground breaking discovery of penicillin and subsequent system of mass production, whilst other topics covered include advances in plastic surgery, the awareness and treatment of typhus and malaria, burns, psychiatry, humanitarian relief and post-war healthcare reforms including the foundation of the National Health Service.

Rosie Perry, Editor, Adam Matthew Digital

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