Major Archive on the First World War Published

25 October 2013

We are delighted to announce the release of The First World War: Propaganda and Recruitment the second module available within the 'First World War Portal'.

Covering significant themes from recruitment and training to morale, efforts to control public opinion through censorship to the development of various forms of propaganda, The First World War: Propaganda and Recruitment, projects a unique insight into attitudes and perceptions during the Great War through postcards, newspapers, aerial leaflets, personal narratives, photographs and military files.

Sourced from leading libraries and archives around the world, including the unique collections of the Hoover Institution (California), The National Archives (UK) and Cambridge University Library, the new resource features a remarkable array of international material, including:

  • The Alfred Fried Papers – Fried’s German war diaries, correspondence and anti-war propaganda relating to the international peace movement during the First World War
  • Issues of the Bull and The Fatherland showing the response of the German propaganda machine directed at German Americans and isolationists
  • Aerial propaganda leaflets dropped over various countries, in several languages
  • Kitchener Papers on manpower, morale and recruitment
  • Front pages and key news stories from the Mirror newspaper, June 1914 to December 1918
Editor Sarah Mellowes comments, “We are delighted to be able to add this important new collection of primary sources. The content is diverse and compelling, providing a wide international perspective. Contextual essays, case studies, interactive maps and impressive visual galleries all enhance the user experience."

This collection builds on the success of the first resource in the portal, The First World War: Personal Experiences, which includes personal narratives and trench literature as well as a virtual walk-through of the Sanctuary Wood Trench System, an innovative 360° object viewer and a series of moving oral histories. 

We can also announce that we are planning further additions to 'The First World War Portal', including a collection sourced exclusively from the Imperial War Museum in London, coinciding with the centenary in 2014.

Further information and access to a free trial can be found here. For all pricing details please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..