Apartheid South Africa Collection Sourced Exclusively From the National Archives, London

09 September 2014

This new collection from Adam Matthew provides comprehensive coverage of formerly classified files on the Apartheid Governments of South Africa from 1948-1980. This vast body of primary material provides unprecedented levels of detail with in-depth analysis of events, international reaction and policy dilemmas, accompanied by numerous first-hand accounts and reports.

The collection starts with the implementation of Apartheid by the National Party in 1948 and covers over three decades of repression and resistance, foreign policy, economic challenges, social engineering and conflict that ultimately leads to the new South Africa of the 1990s.

Section I Apartheid South Africa, 1948-1966 - Available now

Section II Apartheid South Africa, 1967-1975 - December 2014 release

Section III Apartheid South Africa, 1976-1980 - March 2015 release

Professor Colin Bundy, former Director and Principal of SOAS and Principal of Green Templeton College, Oxford commented:
“The release of this archival material will shine fascinating light into how the relationship between South Africa, Britain, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world was perceived and managed.”

The release of this previously restricted material covers all of the notable events and prominent figures of the Apartheid era, including:
• Analysis and reactions of the United Nations General Assembly to Apartheid and events in South Africa
• Nelson Mandela – Arrests and Trials
• Treason and Rivonia trials; detailed coverage of ANC leaders and their imprisonment on Robben Island
• Sharpeville Massacre
• Murder of black consciousness leader Steve Biko
• Journalist, Donald Woods’ activities and speeches on the Apartheid regime and Biko’s death
• Analysis of important trading partners with South Africa including United States, Britain, France and Israel
• Sports and Apartheid
• Sanctions and the international community
• Political prisoners and refugees
• Detailed coverage of all political parties including the Communist Party, African National Congress, Pan Africanist Congress and SWAPO
• Townships and Forced Removals
• South Africa’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth
• Coverage of Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho in events relevant to the history of Apartheid

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