Xavier Snowman

Xavier Snowman

Academic Outreach and Development Manager
+1 (312) 445-6289

My academic background is in literature, with a focus on ecocriticism and environmental discourse. I worked in libraries for a few years before joining Adam Matthew’s editorial team at the beginning of 2012, where I worked on the development and production of a range of publications. Projects like Global Commodities, Eighteenth Century Journals, Foreign Office Files for China and the First World War expanded and stimulated my academic interests, which continue to grow as we diversify our range of projects and partnerships. 

At the start of 2014, I left the UK and undertook a product specialist position in Chicago. I transitioned into academic outreach and project development in 2017, which offers exciting opportunities to engage with our end users, attend academic conferences and liaise with expert faculty across North America. Harvesting feedback and knowledge from the scholarly community supports various departments at Adam Matthew, as we continue to publish content in line with academic trends and needs. 

Dedication and care for the historical documents, people we work with and scholarship more generally is very important to me. Hard work and constant refinement of our processes continues to bring so many hidden and underutilized collections to life in the academic world, and that’s what I find most exciting. Having worked in libraries where important texts crumble in your hands as you shelve them, it is an honour to be a part of a company that helps preserve history with such great care and proficiency.

I am excited about the future of Adam Matthew, and I intend to continue doing all I can to help libraries and scholars around the world.