ACRL | NEC 2021

Mon, 24 May - , Fri, 28 May 2021

ACRL | NEC 2021

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Balancing the physicality of special collections with the flexibility of digital assets | 25th May | 14:00 PM (EDT)

The events of 2020 hastened a transformation of learning around the world with the balance between the physical and digital library becoming more important than ever.

In this session we talk with Maureen Maryanski, Lilly Library, Indiana University Bloomington, about the work she and her colleagues have undertaken, before and during the pandemic, to demystify special collections libraries and archives on campus, and reflect on the importance of digitized archival content for both in-person and online instruction.

We’ll also explore the tools available to libraries and archives to digitally share and showcase their own archival material using our Quartex platform. Discover how the University of Toronto Mississauga is already doing so with its Visualizing the Americas collection, and how ground-breaking new features such as Handwritten Text Recognition Transcription aid researchers and students of all levels.