Adam Matthew Digital offers a number of publishing internship opportunities each year within our Editorial and Copyright Departments based in our Marlborough office. The internships offer the successful candidates the chance for hands-on experience working closely with the Editorial Development, Production and Copyright teams. Over the course of their time here, our interns take on a wide variety of tasks and assignments that will give an excellent insight into the inner workings of a digital academic publishing company.

Please take a look at our website for more information on our collections and browse our department pages under Careers for a look at individual roles and what they entail.

Internship Opportunities

Adam Matthew Digital offers a number of internship opportunities throughout the calendar year: 

Paid Editorial Development Internship - Available during the Spring & Autumn

Interns work closely with a Development Editor on an early stage project one day a week for 10 weeks. This internship provides insight into the Editorial Development process and how we take a project from an initial idea through to the start of the Production stage. This internship offers hands-on experience of market research and content research, selection and development, and is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about digital primary source publishing.


Paid Copyright and Permissions Internship - Available during the Spring 

Interns work closely with the Copyright and Permissions team across multiple projects one day a week for 10 weeks. This internship focuses on the complex nature of copyright and permissions in archival material and gives an insight into the work that goes into producing our digital resources across the whole editorial cycle. It would suit anyone looking to learn more about digital primary source publishing and to develop research and analysis skills.


Paid Editorial Production Internship - Available during the Summer

Interns join the Editorial Production team full-time for six weeks. They are assigned to multiple projects, offering them hands-on experience of a range of tasks which may relate to different stages of the production process, from digitisation to publication. The internship provides insight into the varied tasks carried out by the Production team to transform a project concept into a tangible academic resource, and would be ideal for someone looking to learn more about digital primary source publishing.

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Discover how previous interns found their experience at Adam Matthew:

Lily, Editorial Development Intern, Spring 2019

My experience as a Development Intern working with Adam Matthew Digital was interesting and very helpful for anyone interested in publishing. The internship was over the course of 10 weeks, once a week, and easily fit into my university timetable even throughout my exam period. I worked closely with a Development Editor on an upcoming project and conducted market research, worked through archive catalogues and created spreadsheets that would aid the completion of the project. The tasks were different every week, giving me an insight into how the resources at Adam Matthew come together. It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into ensuring that I had the best possible experience not only through interesting tasks, but through talks with other departments such as Marketing, Outreach and Sales, outlining how their separate departments worked. One of the most important aspects of the internship for me was the fact that I was made to feel like part of the team; everyone was incredibly helpful in answering any questions I had and made sure I got the most out of the experience.

I gained a lot of knowledge about the publishing world through conversations with various team members that I otherwise would have had no idea about. It has made me more confident in my ability to pursue a career in publishing, which was an industry that initially seemed inaccessible. I would recommend this internship; it is incredibly unique and is wonderful for those curious about publishing and is a valuable learning experience.

Emma, Editorial Production Intern, Summer 2018

Emma, Editorial Production Intern, Summer 2018

My experience of being an intern in Editorial Production provided an invaluable insight into the workings of a digital publisher and showed me the range of opportunities available within the industry. Straight away, I became part of a friendly, supportive team and was given varied, challenging tasks. The Editorial Production internship is structured in such a way that you work on multiple projects, seeing them at different stages of their lifecycle and gaining a comprehensive understanding of how Adam Matthew projects are developed. Tasks in Production ranged from image checking (making sure that scanned images are of suitable quality to be used in resources) and indexing to testing, inputting website content and writing blog posts; tasks which are engaging and mean you’re closely involved with the material.

The skills I developed during the internship were not only task-specific. Working on multiple projects each week meant I had to be organised and manage my time effectively; clear communication was important when attending project meetings and updating project leads on my work. In my experience from other internships it is unusual to feel that you’re undertaking useful work and making a difference, so it was refreshing to feel like a valued member of my project teams. Being involved with different projects is also a great way to meet and work with new people, and other team members provided support throughout my time as an intern.

I would recommend Adam Matthew internships to anyone looking to work in academic publishing or humanities students interested in where their degree could lead them. It’s an engaging, challenging role which provides practical experience and a real understanding of what a career in primary source publishing could look like.

I've now been working at Adam Matthew as an Editorial Assistant in Production for almost a year and the internship was a perfect introduction to the role and really prepared me for day to day life in the company.

Megan, Editorial Development Intern, 2017

Megan, Editorial Development Intern, 2017

I am currently working as a Copyright and Permissions Assistant at Adam Matthew but during the Summer of 2017 I spent six weeks as a Development Intern. Over the course of these six weeks, I worked alongside different members of the Development team on a variety of interesting tasks and projects. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and were more than happy to answer any questions I had about specific tasks and projects or more general questions about Adam Matthew. The conversations I had with members of the Development team throughout my internship were highly valuable and enabled me to gain a clearer understanding of Development and the various roles within the team. Members of staff from other teams such as Sales and Outreach also gave talks about the role that they have within the company. These were both interesting and informative and enabled me to learn more about Adam Matthew as a company.

My internship was a very worthwhile experience and I thoroughly enjoyed working on such fascinating projects. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in pursuing a career in publishing.