The National Archives, Kew

The National Archives enjoys a very successful and mutually beneficial partnership with Adam Matthew. The establishment of Archives Direct, a specific portal for material held by The National Archives, has resulted in a far greater degree of access to these records than would otherwise have been achievable. It currently consists of eleven themed digital publications comprising more than 18,000 Foreign Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Colonial Office and Home Office files and over five million images.

All of the staff at Adam Matthew have an innate understanding of the records which they publish and have actively engaged with our conservation requirements prior to digitisation so that our responsibility to the integrity of the record is never compromised. Adam Matthew has always carried out detailed research of the records, which provides them with a meticulous knowledge of the complexities of various government departments. Their collaboration with The National Archives and other institutions brings a holistic approach to academic research which is unsurpassed.
Gary Thorpe, Partnerships Manager, Licensing, The National Archives, Kew


Adam Matthew and The National Archives (TNA) have enjoyed a successful commercial partnership since the 1990s, initially collaborating on microfilm collections, but now exclusively working on digital products. Our flagship TNA product is Archives Direct, a vast collection of UK government documents on a huge range of themes, from Apartheid in South Africa to Nixon’s presidency. We are currently working on digitising the CO 5 series of colonial papers relating to pre-revolutionary America. Additionally, we have also collaborated with TNA on many multi-archive products including Migration to New Worlds, Popular Culture 1950-1975 and Empire Online.

The staff at Kew are involved in discussion of Adam Matthew projects from very early stages, and their detailed knowledge of the materials and supportive approach on our numerous research trips helps the research and assessment process to run very smoothly. Along with regular communication regarding the progress of ongoing scanning and conservation programmes, this has helped to establish a very effective collaboration, and ensured that the Adam Matthew publishing programme ties in to TNA’s digitisation and conservation strategy.
Martha Fogg, Publishing Director, Adam Matthew

The Newberry Library, Chicago

Working with Adam Matthew has been a very positive experience and an important part of the Newberry’s emerging digital program. The flagship resources – American West and American Indian Histories and Cultures – are well-researched and presented and have brought the materials in our Edward E. Ayer and Everett D. Graff collections to the attention of thousands of new users. The smaller, collaborative resources are of the same quality and have provided an opportunity to digitally join treasures from the Newberry and other institutions. The Adam Matthew team has been a pleasure to work with. From Directors and the very knowledgeable and competent editorial staff researching our collections, to the digitization technicians, all are conscientious regarding the demands they make on the library’s staff and about the handling of the library’s collections. Projects are very well organized, carefully scheduled, and expertly completed. Their finished products speak for themselves.
Jennifer Thom, Director Of Digital Initiatives And Services, The Newberry Library


We have been privileged to work with the Newberry Library for the last ten years. In that time we have produced two award-winning flagship resources – American West and American Indian Histories and Cultures, along with numerous smaller collaborations on multi-archive projects in which the Newberry’s material is united with content from archives around the world, including Global Commodities, Perdita Manuscripts, African American Communities, World’s Fairs and History of Mass Tourism.

At Adam Matthew we always strive to include our partner archives throughout every part of our projects, while at all times aiming to remove any burdens on the archive staff, who are always busy. The Newberry team were extremely helpful at all stages of the projects and really got involved in the editorial selection as well as more practical issues. From advice on how to navigate the online catalogues and library stacks, to suggestions on ways to conceptualise the resources and what material to include, tracking down information on hard to find items, and assisting with the onsite digitisation of the material. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject and collections was essential as we navigated our way towards producing the final resources. This, combined with the passion of the Adam Matthew team for making archival content available, and our experience in putting together cutting edge digital resources, is a winning and mutually beneficial combination.
Jennifer Kemp, Editorial Director, Adam Matthew

 Gilder Lehrman Institute, New York

When we decided to digitize our archival collection, we spoke with several companies. One of the reasons we chose to work with Adam Matthew Digital is their passion for history. The editorial staff saw the significance of all of our materials from the Declaration of Independence to a hastily scribbled letter from a child to his father during the Civil War. History matters to them.

The product they created is outstanding. With its easy to use interface, American History 1493-1945 has exceeded our expectations. Users can employ a variety of search techniques to locate materials, save them to their own personal account or download them. The addition of an image gallery makes it easy to locate visual materials in our mostly manuscript collection. The books and pamphlets are fully text searchable, an added bonus that facilitates research.
Sandy Trenholm, Curator & Director of The Gilder Lehrman Collection


We worked with the Gilder Lehrman Institute on our two-part project American History, 1493-1945. Working with the Gilder Lehrman Archive was a great experience and a fascinating education in American history. Their knowledge of their collections is superb and their generosity and enthusiasm for sharing insights was a great help to the whole project. To have such a resource of knowledge was very valuable when working out systems of organising and indexing the collections digitally. The cataloguing information that they’d gathered on their collection is unparalleled and, alongside the wonderful documents themselves, is the greatest strength of the collection. We were then able to adapt and exploit this cataloguing to make the online collection highly searchable down to the smallest document or scrap of paper.

Alongside all of this this the archival staff were very attentive in delivering documents for digitisation, advising on the best way to capture the images and advising on the availability of new acquisitions. These digital images, allied with the metadata, make a great and important collection of documents available to scholars and researchers around the world.
Felix Barnes, Editor, Adam Matthew

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